02/01/2018 | GenoProof Mixture 3 – Validation

GenoProof Mixture 3 - the newest generation of probabilistic genotyping software for stain analysis has been released in early 2018. Extensive validation steps have already been conducted during the development (developmental validation), complying with requirements of the Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods (SWGDAM).

For the validation, the sensitivity of the procedure was tested on 225 profiles, demonstrating reliable inclusion and exclusion probabilities for potential contributors with varying DNA quantities and mixture ratios for the implemented fully continuous model. Thereby also demonstrating the potential of the so-called type 1 errors, which describe the rejection of true hypotheses.

Therefore, the following questions can be answered:

  • What is the probability that a DNA stain is not randomly detected as a contributor?
  • Does DNA quantity and mixture ratio between main and minor contributors influence the result?

The results have been published in the FSI Genetics Journal and can be retrieved from the following link: Link

You can find more information on GenoProof Mixture in our detailed fact sheet, as well as on the GenoProof Mixture website Here, you can also download a 60-day trial version.