On the basis of our flexible and modular product system we offer configurable and customizable solutions. In this way we are creating the conditions to successfully implement your processes and individual needs of daily laboratory use into our products and services.

Abetter Forensic Solution

From Crime Scene to Court

Abetter Forensic Solution is the forensic case management software, developed in collaboration with leading european police forces. The software simplifies the case administration, thereby improving effectivity of forensic case work. It contains the complete management of case related data, including crime scene materials, documentation of cooperating departments and optional modules for DNA analysis, dactyloscopy, impression evidence and toxicology.

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Laboratory Information and Management System (LIMS)

One System for all Cases

A LIMS combines lab information with management functionalities. Indeed, a laboratory information system supports recording, storing, processing and transfer as well as retrieval of all lab information. Management system functions, however, ensure planning, controlling  and monitoring of lab activities.

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GenoProof® Suite

All-in-one solution for special DNA analysis

The GenoProof® Suite is a professional all-in-one solution for special DNA analysis in the field of forensic molecular genetics. The application makes it possible to put together an individual solution according to one‘s own needs by selecting special expert modules and to expand it later if necessary.

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Quality Monitoring

Sensitive Data always in view

We offer database systems for monitoring tasks including direct systematic recording (logging) and controlling of tasks and processes.

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The new sample management – for unlimited possibilities in the lab

Sample management with SAMPLES simplifies your processes and connects you to the tools you already use - for unlimited possibilities.

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Our products and services are used in the following industries:

Forensics & Parentage
Medicine & IVD
Food Safety


A software is only as good as the processes that the software is supposed to depict and support. Optimize your processes and train the users. We support you - thanks to more than 15 years of project experience.

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