Matching - Your expert module for automated DNA matching

The expert module Matching is an application for automated DNA matching. It is particularly suitable for use cases such as DVI or serial examinations, in the context of which a large number of DNA profiles of different origins have to be matched.

In addition to identity matching between DNA profiles (sample or mixture), searches for potential relatives up to the 3rd degree of relationship are also possible.


Your turbo for DNA matching

Matching allows you to automatically match your DNA profiles against specific search criteria in a locally managed database. This speeds up this time-consuming process many times over: the application is able to carry out a match or potential relationship check on, for example, one million stored profiles in just 30 seconds.

Powerful Analyses


Fast comparison with, for example, one million stored profiles in only 30 seconds

Comparison against single source as well as mixed profiles

Search for potential relatives up to 3rd degree of relationship

Further analysis of match database profiles in the Expert modules MIXTURE and KINSHIP

Export of results

Import of match profiles of further analysis into the analysis project

User-friendly Handling


Configurable user settings and user authorisation concept

Categorised database queries

Queries with STR and SNP profiles

Clear presentation of results



Dr. Corina Schanzenbach

Account Manager

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Quality and Reliability

The GenoProof® Suite is the result of many years of experience in the development of professional software solutions for DNA analysis and forensics.

Not only numerous forensic institutions, private laboratories, clinics and research institutes, but also a number of German State Criminal Investigation Offices rely on the quality and reliability of our applications.