Kinship - Your expert module for relationship analysis

The expert module Kinship offers you a wide range of possibilities to explain kinship relationships biostatistically and to map complex pedigrees - from ancestry and output of pedigrees to forensic biostatistics with identity probabilities and contamination control.

Powerful Analyses


Calculation of complex scenarios

Create pedigrees quickly and easily

Ongoing performance optimisation for the calculation algorithms

Continuous optimization of biostatistical procedures validated according to applicable guidelines

User-friendly Handling


Convenient "drag and drop" to add samples or persons to a pedigree

catalogue of pedigree templates for the calculation

Create your own pedigrees 

Intuitive editing of pedigrees in the analysis project

Customizable report templates



Dr. Corina Schanzenbach

Account Manager

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Quality and Reliability

The GenoProof® Suite is the result of many years of experience in the development of professional software solutions for DNA analysis and forensics.

Not only numerous forensic institutions, private laboratories, clinics and research institutes, but also a number of German State Criminal Investigation Offices rely on the quality and reliability of our applications.