Your modular all-in-one solution

GenoProof® Suite is a professional all-in-one solution for DNA analysis in the field of forensic molecular genetics. The application allows you to put together an individual solution by selecting special expert modules and to expand it later if required.

As a complete solution, it ensures seamless cross-departmental collaboration without media discontinuity.


Molecular genetics requirements

Increasing demand for information
 GenoProof® Suite: Integration of specific expert modules and tools for the challenges in forensic and parentage analysis

High requirements for data interpretation
 GenoProof® Suite: innovative tools and visualization options for the interpretation of increasingly complex data

Optimal organisation of data
 GenoProof® Suite: efficient, intuitive data handling and a user interface that is consistently focused on the analysis case

The Modules

The Suite at a glance

The Basis

Your basic set up for DNA analyses

Even in its basic set up, the GenoProof® Suite impresses with its intuitive user interface, high flexibility and impressive performance. In addition to the data management, it offers you, among other things, Allele- and size calling algorithm as well as a great variety of DNA evaluation tools.

Powerful Analyses


User-friendly import of analysed data from ABI PRISM® Genetic Analyzer, Applied Biosystems SeqStudioTM and Promega Spectrum Compact CE system

Integrated dataset of STR kit and population data as well as an easy import of bin and panel files

Allele- and size calling algorithm

Quality check of size and allele calling

Create own analysis methods for allele calling

Multi-user and client-server

User-friendly Handling


Import of FSA and HID files

Data from GeneMapper® and GeneMarker® as well as CODIS format and CSV files

Simple file management via "drag and drop"

Varied analysis tools for the EPG, such as panel-by-panel editing, artefact labelling, display of further information and a marker-centric view

Assembling genotypes

Calculation of genotype frequency for single-source

Easy organisation of data in analysis projects

Efficient Evaluation


Intuitive user interface with practical analysis workflow

User-defined display of EPG incl. scalability of axes

Comprehensive artefact display of spectral overlaps, stutter peaks, off-ladder peaks etc.

Dynamic profile and fragment table

Generation of individual result reports for complete documentation

Easy and fast export of results for further processing


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Quality and Reliability

The GenoProof® Suite is the result of many years of experience in the development of professional software solutions for DNA analysis and forensics.

Not only numerous forensic institutions, private laboratories, clinics and research institutes, but also a number of German State Criminal Investigation Offices rely on the quality and reliability of our applications.

Education and Training

We are happy to support you! A targeted training programme provides a quick introduction to working with the GenoProof® Suite and its expert modules. Please simply contact us. We will be glad to send you our training offers.

Maintenance and Support

IT solutions are dynamic products that often evolve in the course of their use. Regular maintenance ensures the long-term usability of your purchased software. For example, your software is adapted to external changes: These can be new regulations and laws, but also new hardware or updates of databases, programming languages and operating systems used.

Your software is also continuously perfected through maintenance perfected: Errors are corrected, improvements and new functions are implemented. Software is thus an investment that constantly maintains its added value through new versions.

Do you have questions about maintenance and support? We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a maintenance offer for the GenoProof® Suite that is attractive for your use and application.