Product announcement

The GenoProof Suite is a professional all-in-one solution for special DNA analysis in the field of forensic molecular genetics. The application makes it possible to put together an individual solution according to one‘s own needs by selecting special expert modules and to expand it later if necessary. In addition, it ensures seamless collaboration across divisions and departments without media discontinuity.

GenoProof Suite will be available shortly.

The basic system

The powerful basis of the GenoProof Suite offers you, in addition to the management, processing and handling of your data, among other things, robust allele calling, a variety of functions for the evaluation of DNA profiles as well as the possibility to calculate genotype frequencies.

The modules


The Mixture module for the analysis of complex DNA traces provides you with comprehensive functions for the biostatistical evaluation of DNA mixture profiles - of course according to the current recommendations for fully continuous LR calculation.


The Kinship module for biostatistical kinship and parenta analysis offers you a range of functions from raw data analysis, comprehensive biostatistics and the creation of complex pedigrees to the generation of expert opinions.


The Matching module is an application for automated DNA matching against various profiles. In addition to the query for identity matching against pure traces or mixtures, searches for potential relatives up to the 3rd degree of relationship are also possible.

Further modules

The GenoProof Suite is designed in such a way that further expert modules will be available to you in the future. We are happy to prioritise them according to your specific needs and therefore welcome any suggestions. Please contact us!


Robert Brodersen

Account Manager

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