Mixture - Your expert module for the analysis of mixtures

The expert module Mixture is your solution for the analysis of complex DNA mixtures. Among other things, current biostatistical methods, such as the completely continuous LR calculation, are available to you for this purpose. Due to its consistent orientation towards user needs, Mixture fits seamlessly into your laboratory routine for forensic stain analysis.

Powerful Analyses


Wide range of biostatistical interpretation methods for DNA mixtures

Fully continuous model for LR calculation

Deconvolution of mixtures and separation of mixture components

Preliminary stutter consideration

Evaluation of laboratory-specific dropin values

Use of panel-specific detection limits for LRfc calculations

Automatic adjustment of the iteration phase according to the applicable quality criteria

Display of the analysis methods, that were used

Regular development validation corresponding to the guidelines for probabilistic systems

User-friendly Handling


Ready for use: no training of MCMC parameters necessary

Smooth import of frequency data, including STRidER data

Time-efficient processing of LRfc calculations through batch mode

Summary report of the calculation results

Efficient Evaluation


Display EPG and perform calculations simultaneously

Comprehensive LRfc report with sample information, convergence diagrams, raw data, profiles, etc.

Calculation using PCR replicates from different STR kits

Traceability of changes in the system via integrated audit trail


Dr. Corina Schanzenbach

Account Manager

   +49 351 8838 2833


Quality and Reliability

The GenoProof® Suite is the result of many years of experience in the development of professional software solutions for DNA analysis and forensics.

Not only numerous forensic institutions, private laboratories, clinics and research institutes, but also a number of German State Criminal Investigation Offices rely on the quality and reliability of our applications.