Monitoring Systems

For all stages of the value chain, from agricultural production to the retail food industry, strict and verifiable production criteria are established. When it comes to the value chain of meat and meat products, we are the qualified system supplier for the system provider and institution of QS. Quality scheme for food. For the QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH, covering more than 90 % of the German pigmeat and poultrymeat production with its test system, we develop and maintain central database systems concerning the monitoring of salmonella and antibiotics in livestock farming. Our systems carry out all evaluations that are relevant for the monitoring. Within the quality assurance system our applications are used by over 40,000 people.


Antibiotics are important for the treatment of infectious diseases. However, every use of antibiotics can encourage the development of resistances so that medication loses its effect when given to diseased humans or animals. For that reason, it is important to ensure that antibiotics in animals – being part of the food chain – are only used when absolutely necessary.


Salmonella cause stomach and intestine diseases in humans or animals. The bacterial pathogens are offered a wide spectrum of possible infection routes. In the last years, about 100,000 reported cases in humans per year were registered in the European Union. Thus, with salmonella polluted food is a danger to be excluded as possible.

Diagnostic data

Information for the health evaluation of the herds of origin can be obtained with the registration of relevant changes in organs and carcases of all slaughter pigs at the slaughterhouse. With the organ reports at the slaughter line during slaughter, incidences as measure of animal health can be determined. Based on the interpretation of results, targeted measures to improve animal health, animal performance and animal welfare can be taken.


Qualiproof® is a web-based database system which ensures the information management for all actors in the monitoring process. A variety of functions regarding planning, evaluation, benchmarking and early warning is provided. Thanks to Qualiproof®, the salmonella status of the German pigmeat production is determined safely and transparently. The salmonella monitoring of pig herds as well as the introduction of measures enable the continuous minimization of salmonella entry into the meat chain. The salmonella status determined in the monitoring can also be a hygiene indicator for the respective livestock.

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VetProof® enables comprehensively the electronic registration and evaluation of information about the use of antibiotics within the livestocks of poultry and pig farmers. The complete and systematical registration of all relevant information regarding the prescription of antibiotics creates a solid and transparent data base. Improper critique regarding the use of antibiotics, for example, can be countered with the aid of real data, analyses and anonymised, cross-company comparisons. Furthermore, the results obtained can be used to identify relevant health parameters like therapy frequency. When trespassing defined thresholds, measures improving the health situation of poultry and pig stocks can be introduced.

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