With Abetter Forensic Solution you can efficiently manage all case related data in a single forensic case management system. Special benefit: Expand the basic software with expert modules and offer your departments specific functions:

  • DNA analytics
  • Dactyloscopy
  • Technical mold traces
  • Toxicology & Narcotics
  • Evidence classification incl. crime scene research

Optimize your daily work and benefit from interfaces to other police case processing systems. We are a team of scientists and computer experts with more than 10 years of experience in forensics. Abetter Forensic Solution is used successfully in accredited bureaus of investigation and criminal investigation laboratories.

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With modules to your individual solution

Module 1: Abetter Case Management

All data of the case life cycle is stored, tracked and processed in Abetter Forensic Solution: Starting from registration of criminal offenses and administring materials to completing tasks. Combine Abetter Case Management with additional modules, to create your own custom solution.

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Module 2: Abetter Item Keyword Management

Classify and tag your materials or evidence. Use the search function to fi nd similar materials or evidence and discover new investigation leads through similar cases.

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Module 3: Abetter LIMS TOX

Use the generic LIMS as a platform for your custom laboratory process. Compare products to identify counterfeit characteristics. Maintain the overview of criminal offences and threshold values of narcotics and other substances with the chemical compound database.


Module 4: Abetter LIMS DNA

Your solution for forensic DNA laboratories. Optimize your workflow with integrated expert tools for the evaluation of DNA fragment analysis raw data and DNA profi le data, comparison of DNA profi les between samples, forensic calculations (ID, RMNE, LR) and kinship calculations. Be on the safe side with automatic DNA contamination checks throughout your entire workflow.

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Module 5: Abetter Dactyloscopy

Process and analyze fingerprints with the interactive trace comparison module for fingerprint identification. Import NIST files from the AFIS database and document your AFIS search results.

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Module 6: Abetter Impression Evidence

Proces and manage shoe prints, tire prints and glove marks. Create a database of prints with charactieristic patterns to identify prints and marks in crime cases.

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Module 7: Abetter Data Access

Create complex SQL queries for statistics on transaction data. The integrated active help makes annual statistics a breeze. All data from all modules of the Abetter Forensic Solution can be used for statistics.

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Module 8: Abetter Cam Station

Abetter CamStation enables the storage and tagging of evidence photographs. The USB 2.0 color autofocus camera from Imagingsource can be controlled directly from the application. The user himself has the possibility to see the live image of his evidence object on the monitor and to tag the shot images. Through the direct interface between Abetter Case Management and Abetter CamStation, important information about the evidence object is displayed in Abetter CamStation, and the images and keywords are transferred to the case management system.


Dr. Corina Schanzenbach

Account Manager

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More quality

Data security, documentation and the audit trail of all activities support the strict demands of working with evidence. At present, the software is successfully used in multiple accredited forensic laboratories and federal criminal police offices.


Know How in Forenics

Our experts have developed the software together with leading state criminal investigation departments and our international customers. We are a team of scientists and computer scientists with more than 10 years of experience in forensics. Therefore we are happy to support you with consulting, expert support, trainings and commissioning of the software.