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The qualitype GmbH is a software system supplier for digital laboratory and manufacturing processes based in Germany. For over 15 years, our customers worldwide have been successful through efficiency, flexibility, cost minimization and time saving in their laboratory and manufacturing work. By implementing a responsible quality assurance system, we support the product safety and ensure a sustainable data handling.

Quality in Laboratory, Analytics and Manufacturing


Information technology has entered the laboratory and offers previously inconceivable options and opportunities. Continuous automation enables an efficient, reproducible and validable process design with holistic data management. Precisely here our Lab Information Management Systems come into action, already in use around the world.


Due to the digital qualification of raw data including their evaluation we support the clarification of paternity- and complex kinship questions as well as the analysis of crime scene samples. Being member of the Molecular Diagnostics Group MDG we develop pioneering techniques for personalized healthcare.


With our Monitoring Systems we take care of quality in product manufacturing and ensure the evidence of product origin. With a comprehensive test- and evaluation procedure we depict a system unique throughout Europe for the support of food safety and animal health.

Strong network

The Molecular Diagnostics Group (MDG) is a network of biotechnological targeted companies located in Dresden (Germany). Within the MDG we combine our forces to meet the challenges of personalized medicine regarding diagnostics and therapy.


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28th ISHI Symposium

  2 - 5 October 2017   Seattle (USA)


  7 - 8 November 2017   Jülich (Germany)

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Product launch at IFSG 2017 in Seoul

As an exhibitor, qualitype GmbH attends from August 28 until September 2 the congress of the International Society for Forensic Genetics ISFG in Seoul, South Korea. Focus will be on the new product GenoProof Mixture 3. Read more >>


Contract customers of qualitype GmbH have the possibility to send support requests directly to the ticket system.

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