01/23/2018 | Software release of GenoProof Mixture 3: The newest innovation of probabilistic software for forensic analysis

Get to know GenoProof Mixture 3 – the newest innovation of qualitype for previously unsolvable criminal cases. For these cases the fully continuous model has been implemented in GenoProof Mixture in cooperation with forensic experts. From now on, it is possible to make use of more available information, e.g. allele peak heights of STR profiles, to significantly increase the explanatory power of the likelihood ratio for forensic experts. To evaluate the transparency and quality of calculations, the software is equipped with graphic analyzing tools. Furthermore, the genotype identification of possible stain contributors (deconvolution) is possible even without specifying the known contributors. 

GenoProof Mixture 3 enables mixture analysis with binary and probabilistic models in one analysis. In addition, biostatistical calculations of the RMNE the RMP and the probability of identity are supported in the software. Data from sequencers (FSA / HID), as well as from GeneMapper®, can be directly imported and displayed (EPG) in GenoProof Mixture.

Get more details on GenoProof Mixture 3 from our factsheet or online on the GenoProof Mixture Website where you can also download a 60-day trial version of the software. 

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