GenoProof Mixture 4 // June 9-16, 2021

Type: Online training (bookable as individual blocks or overall training)

Time:  each 8.30-11.30 a.m. (CET)

Training content:

PART 1 | 06/09/2021

Introduction into the software

  • User management and license management
  • User interface
  • Genetic reference data
  • Project management and routine work
  • Export of data and audit trail
  • Management of report templates

PART 2 | 06/10/2021

Raw data analysis

  • Theoretic background: EasyRead technology
  • Artefacts and detection
  • Preferences
  • Fsa/hid import of raw data and import summary
  • Editing analyzed data in electropherogram
  • Reanalyze raw data
  • Other import formates

PART 3 | 06/11/2021

Probability of identity, RMP, RMNE

  • Theoretical basics of probability of identity
  • Theoretical basics of random match probability
  • Theoretical basics of random man not excluded
  • Consideration of subpopulations
  • Consideration of dropouts
  • Performing calculations in GenoProof Mixture

PART 4 | 06/14/2021

Binary and semi-continuous model of likelihood calculation

  • Theoretical basics
  • Forming of hypotheses
  • Consideration of subpopulation
  • Consideration of dropins and dropouts
  • Number of contributors
  • Performing calculations in GenoProof Mixture

PART 5 | 06/15/2021

Fully continuous model of likelihood calculation

  • Overview of probabilistic approaches
  • Biostatistic basics of the fully continuous model
  • Biological model
  • Monte carlo markov chain (MCMC) approach
  • Deconvolution

PART 6 | 06/16/2021

Fully continuous model  of likelihood calculation in GenoProof Mixture

  • Performing calculations in GenoProof Mixture
  • Convergence diagnostics
  • Result interpretation
  • Export of results
  • Troubleshooting

Certificate: Yes

Cost per participate: 2000€ per participant plus VAT

Note: The course is held with a minimum of 3 participants. The parts can also be booked individually on request at 400€ per participant. Please note your booking request by indicating the block number in the "Notes" field.

Registration possible until 06/02/2021


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Viktoria Borsdorf

Application Specialist

 +49 351 8838 2877

What you need

  • PC or laptop with microphone
  • Internet access
  • Software GenoProof on your computer (download for test license will be sent by e-mail)

After you have successfully registered for an online training course, you will receive all information by e-mail from our trainers.