09/24/2018 | Release of GenoProof Mixture 3.1 in October 2018

GenoProof Mixture 3.1: Faster and providing even more features    

Following the successful launch of GenoProof Mixture 3, the newest innovation of probabilistic software, GenoProof Mixture 3.1 will be released shortly. The new version will be available in October 2018. After several months of planning and development, GenoProof Mixture 3.1 contains a number of features making the analysis of complex DNA mixtures even more comfortable.

The latest version offers the following advantages:

  • a faster analysis of DNA mixtures
  • integration of an extended model for the consideration of pre- and post-stutter peaks in LRfc calculations
  • simplified export of results
  • integrated report functionality
  • consideration of kinship in LR calculations, if a contribution from a genetic relative of a suspect is proposed
  • component-wise deconvolution of genotypes with the fully continuous model
  • simplified import of reference data (bin/ panel-Files, population data, STRidER 2.0)
  • change management via an audit trail function

Get more information on version 3.1 starting from October 2018 on GenoProof Mixture website, where you can also download a 60-day trial version. 

Meanwhile, GenoProof Mixture 3.1 is undergoing its first public presentation from 24 to 27 September, 2018 at the „International Symposium on Human Identification“ in Phoenix (USA). At booth, Michael Kahr (Director Sales) and Dr Anne-Marie Pflugbeil (Business Development) provide an exclusive insight into the software. With the poster presentation „Interpretation of a complex DNA mixture with GenoProof Mixture v3.1“, Dr Anne-Marie Pflugbeil will also shed light on GenoProof Mixture 3.1, using a case study.