Raw Data Analysis with GenoProof 

GenoProof offers a high-performance fragment analysis of fsa and hid raw data including size and allele calling as well as a reliable artifact detection. With the EasyRead technology GenoProof provides a new generation of raw data analysis. This new kind of technology enables a fast and robust raw data analysis for all sample types in high throughput. With it, especially problems in size matching and ladder calibration can be reduced significantly. 

  • No need for an adjustment of evaluation parameter
  • Optimal evaluation of size standards based on pattern recognition and analogy
  • Peak detection with help of a poynomial function
  • Artefact detection such as stutter, shoulder, off ladder and off scale peaks, spectral overlaps and triband patterns 


EasyRead Technology

GenoProof with its EasyRead raw data analysis is a first rate alternative to ABI GeneMapper software in terms of usability, robustness and speed. The EasyRead technology is based on new algorithms and enables to read in almost any file without any manually adjustments. With it especially problems in size standard evaluation and ladder calibration are all history. 

Size and Allel Calling

For an easy and fast evaluation raw data analysis is based on new Size- and Allele calling algorithms such as heuristic optimization, automatic peak detection via polynomial functions and smoothing. Therewith, even high-throughput raw data analysis can be performed. 

Reference Data

GenoProof supports the automated analysis of commercial and in-house multiplex PCR kits for autosomal and gonosomal markers. Therefore, the raw data analysis is based on comprehensive reference databases consisting of all commercial test kits and size standards and can be complemented to your needs.  

Graphical User Interface

An unique graphical user interface has been especially developed for the presentation and processing of electropherograms. It provides a pixel perfect resolution, zoom functionalities as well as various functions for editing and evaluation of mixed samples. The options include the free arrangement of  windows either side by side or among each other in order to compare two samples at once. 


Artefact Detection

GenoProof supports a correct raw data analysis with the help of high developed algorithms for artefact identification. The artefact identification of stutter peaks, shoulder peaks, off ladder allele and tri bad pattern takes place automatically during size and allele calling and can be adapted by the customer.

Hid File Format

The follow-up file format of fsa files is the hid format that is used as a standard for ABI sequencer 3500 series or higher. Both formats can be imported and evaluated by GenoProof.

Contamination Controls

Special features of GenoProof Mixture are contamination controls. With it, you can store genotypes of laboratory staff to detect contaminations.

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