qualitype in Prag: 28th ISFG Congress

qualitype in Prague: 28th ISFG Congress

It’s the time of the year again: qualitype GmbH will once again participate International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG) conference in Prague, Czech Republic from September 9th to 13th 2019. Numerous experts and scientists of the genetics and forensics world will meet for exchange at this internationally popular event.

To get a live insight into our software, come see us at Booth No.8:

  • GenoProof Mixture 3: Complex mixture analysis
  • GenoProof 3: Paternity and kinship analysis
  • Abetter Forensic Solution: LIMS based analysis ofDNA traces, dactyloscopic traces, shoe and tire traces.

New: Match Maker

Let us demonstrate our brand-new addition to our Abetter LIMS family: The Matching Tool. The integrated matching database supports searches from DNA samples and reference profiles against all database profiles. But wait, there’s more: You can also search for relatives to a person in this central matching database.

Coming soon: The Stand-alone version of the Matching Tool! Get more information at our booth.

Image management will play a central role in the future for the qualitype. With PIC Systems AG, we have gained a strong partner here. Take your chance to meet Mr. Adrian Martin of the PIC Systems AG on the 2019-09-11 at our both for a discussion on the integration of PIC IMS Police.

In addition to our product demonstration, we are also presenting the scientific poster „Completion of the MIX13 case study by evaluation of mock mixture with the probabilistic genotyping software GenoProof Mixture 3“. This poster compares our software for the fully continuous analysis of mixtures GenoProof Mixture 3 with the available competitor software. Here, you will find the results for our software, based on the data of the NIST study of 2018 by Butler, et al.  

Our team of Michael Kahr (Sales manager) and Thomas Petzold (Product manager) is looking forward to your visit.

If you are already interested in a discussion or product presentation, get your appointment today via support@qualitype.de.