qualitype turns 20

We started our first business field 20 years ago together with QS Prüfsiegel-Initiator QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH: A database system for salmonella monitoring of German pork production. In our close partnership, we continue to intensively develop the systems, which have grown considerably in the meantime.

With our sister company Biotype, we entered the forensics market 15 years ago. Here we develop tools for DNA analysis, which are now used worldwide for mixture and parentage analysis.

Our forensics customers opened the way for us into the LIMS business. With LIMS systems, we enable our customers to digitally evaluate and organize their highly sensitive data. Together with customers and partners, we are expanding the qualitype forensics portfolio into more and more specialist areas of criminology.

In the area of LIMS systems, we are pursuing a further approach with "neo" in the direction of a web-based LIMS framework with plug & play automation and high integration capability in existing system landscapes. "neo" should open the door for us into new markets and applications, especially medicine.

Biotype is strategically focused on Personalized Medicine. We act as a partner for digitalization in the diagnostics business, which is playing an increasingly important role for us as part of the "Molecular Diagnostics Group" of companies. qualitype develops and documents software in accordance with the highest regulatory standards in this area of medical products. AI is also increasingly being used here.

With all the diversity of digitization approaches at our customers, we asked ourselves what actually drives and connects qualitype at its core: It's our highly motivated, interdisciplinary team of 45 experts whose common goal is to reveal the world of samples with a click. So with a dash of imagination, nothing stands in the way of our joint projects in the future!

We look forward to more fantastic years together and wish you a healthy and successful 2021!

Strong network

History in numbers



~ 5.500.000 lines of codes*


~ 480.000 development hours*


~ 50.000 Megawatt hours of computer power*


~ 1.4 Tons of coffee powder*


*since foundation in 2001

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