Abetter LIMS - Enterprise Edition

Functional range

  • sample management
  • container: editing of multiple samples with high-throughput technologies
  • examination methods
  • hardware and reagent administration
  • workflow management
  • working with individual work lists
  • digital case management

Sample management includes the complete administration of samples. All relevant information such as methods, containers, analyses- and examination results are incorporated. The system also supports the internal quality management (ISO 17025, GLP) and is therefore the basis for successful accreditation.

Container, e.g. 96 well plates or racks allow editing of multiple samples with high-throughput technologies. The plate formats can be defined freely and transferred to a robot or sequencer via the sample list.

The user can also define examination methods. Information for these methods, such as work instructions (SOP), hardware, reagents and data for version management are documented. Furthermore, pictures or other files which are generated while conducting an experiment can be saved. Hardware administration provides a basis for registration and control of laboratory hardware. With this tool, general information, e.g. producer, serial number, location as well as periodicity of maintenance can be managed. Additionally, repairs and hardware specific consumables can also be monitored. For management of reagents and its inventory, reagent administration was designed. In this context, batches, quantities, expiration dates and releases after successful testing can be obtained and traced back. The system also includes an extensive workflow management. Several methods can be combined to form different test plans and hence used to display SOPs.

Each user has the possibility to create individual work lists which enable fast access to relevant data. Consequently, Abetter LIMS supports the planning of the daily work.

Sample retracing enables backtracking of all operations: starting from sample registration, examination to generating reports. The Audit Trail documents all operations following FDA CRF 21 Part 11 guidelines.

The application supports several electronic signatures following FDA CRF 21 Part 11 guidelines, allowing the user to configure a new procedure, from double signatures to the Four- eye principle.

Abetter Case Management is the digital case management. Its main functions are the coordination of orders of different departments and managing the cooperation, as well administrating test materials.

In the user administration, several groups of users with different access rights can be created. Access rights such as read, write or delete can be configured and guarantee data security and privacy.

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