GenoProof Mixture 3

Your expert for complex forensic DNA samples 

GenoProof Mixture 3 is a complete solution, especially developed for the analysis of complex mixtures. It covers the whole analytic workflow, starting from profile analysis to biostatistic calculations with established methods (including probabilistic genotyping models) and the deconvolution of genotypes of a mixture. The software analyses several thousand forensic DNA traces, reference samples and DNA mixtures per year worldwide. Genotyping starts directly with raw data from your sequencer, so there is no need for any additional software.

Probabilistic genotyping

The fully continuous approach of GenoProof Mixture 3 enables you to resolve DNA mixtures. The software is based on modelling allele peak heights of potential genotype constellations, using parameters such as template DNA, strength of degradation, allele size, amplification efficiency, replicate multipliers and homo-/ heterozygosity, which also depend on contributors, marker, test kit and device.


Mixture analysis

GenoProof Mixture 3 provides several established methods for biostatistic evaluations, such as the RMNE (random man not excluded), the RMP (random match probability) and the likelihood ratio.


Raw data analysis

GenoProof Mixture 3 offers the newest generation of raw data analysis, called EasyRead technology. This allows fast and robust raw data analysis for high throughput operations.


Video Tutorial

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Operating system

Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (all 64 Bit operating systems)


Modern multi-core processor (4 cores recommended)

Main memory


Hard disc

500 MB (without database)

Screen resolution

Full HD recommended (1920x1080 pixels)

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