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Forensic DNA analytics investigates biological material in order to identify family relationships or solve crime cases. Serving both application areas our software solutions GenoProof and GenoProof Mixture have been developed in cooperation with forensic scientists and biologists.

GenoProof® - Genetic parentage analysis

GenoProof was specifically designed for the field of paternity testing. It supports all process steps of the paternity testing starting with raw data analysis, which supports also 6-dye kits, extensive biostatistics and the generation of final survey. 


GenoProof Mixture - Analysis of forensic dna mixtures

GenoProof Mixture is an expert system for the analysis of forensic samples and complex DNA mixtures that covers the entire evaluation process. Your workflow starts with the analysis of raw data directly from the sequencer. It enables to read in almost any file without any manually adjustments and to conduct of high throughput analyses.  


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Product Owner Forensics

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