Labs analyzing parentage relationships demand process reliability and high quality of results. On that account, GenoProof comprises the entire workflow from raw data analysis (supporting 6-dye-kits), biostatistic calculations for basic and complex cases to reporting.

Raw Data Analysis

GenoProof provides evaluation algorithms enabling high-throughput fragment analysis of .fsa and .hid raw data. With the EasyRead technology GenoProof provides a new generation of raw data analysis. This innovative technology enables a fast and robust raw data analysis in high throughput. With it, there is no need of any additional software for raw data analysis. GenoProof takes care of the quality of your results with features such as artefact identification and automatic contamination controls.

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Parentage Analysis

The software determines all important parameters for standard trio and duo constellations and even for unusual scenarios like deficiency cases and incest cases. Family trees simplify the visualization of family relations. Furthermore, you can conduct sibling analyses, monozygoty tests and avuncular tests.

GenoProof supports different mutation models (RFLP, AABB or Step model), silent alleles, subpopulation and linkage groups for calculations. Additionally, rare alleles and linked markers can be taken into account.

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Batch Analysis

With batch examinations, you can conduct hundreds of parentage tests and sibling analyses at a time including even samples of unknown origin. Batch analyses are conducted with the help of pools that are compared to each other. There are two different kinds of batch analyses: parentage tests and sibling analyses. GenoProof is so an ideal choice for Desaster Victim Identification (DVI).

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