The cost-effective alternative

GenoProof STaRt is a powerful software solution for the analysis of STR profiles. Developed based on the concrete requirements and experiences of DNA laboratories, especially in the field of forensic casework, GenoProof STaRt is the ideal alternative to products such as GeneMapper®, GeneMarker® and FaSTRTM.


More flexibility and performance

GenoProof STaRt impresses above all with its intuitive user guidance, high flexibility and performance as well as its attractive price. And: not only numerous forensic institutions, private laboratories, clinics and research facilities, but also a number of German state criminal investigation offices rely on the quality and reliability of our software solutions.


Simply join or change now

...because this is particularly easy and smooth with GenoProof STaRt: Not only can you import FSA and HID files directly from the analyser, but data from GeneMapper®, GeneMarker®, FaSTRTM are also supported - as well as CODIS format and CSV files. In addition, our software solution is fully compatible with e.g. the ABI PRISM® Genetic Analysers, the Applied Biosystems SeqStudioTM and the Promega Spectrum Compact CE systems.

  • Experience GenoProof STaRt!

  • Experience GenoProof STaRt!

  • Experience GenoProof STaRt!

  • Experience GenoProof STaRt!

  • Experience GenoProof STaRt!

  • Experience GenoProof STaRt!

Functions and advantages at a glance

Wide range of supported import formats

  • Direct import of FSA and HID files with the possibility to define the properties for data evaluation
  • Import of data from GeneMapper®, GeneMarker® as well as CODIS format and CSV files

Quality and reliability

  • Robust and automated allele calling
  • Quality check of allele and size calling after reading in the data
  • Process optimisations are constantly validated with thousands of case samples according to applicable guidelines
  • Consistent orientation towards the requirements of forensic molecular genetic laboratories

Intuitive and flexible data processing

  • Multiple tools for editing electropherograms, such as fading in and out of artefacts, peak heights and fragment lengths
  • Compilation of sample profiles from single run or different PCR replicates possible
  • Calculation of the genotype frequency for single tracks
  • Simple and clear organisation of data in analysis projects
  • Convenient file management via drag and drop

Functional preparation and presentation

  • Intuitive user interface with practical mapping of the analysis workflow
  • STR multiplex display
  • Marker centric view
  • Dynamic profile table

Convenient and resource-saving handling

  • Deposit own analysis methods
  • Editing of PCR replicates possible
  • Generate individual reports
  • Export results easily and quickly
  • Multi-user and client-server operation possible


Dr. Corina Schanzenbach

Account Manager

   +49 351 8838 2833


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Current version: 1.0.2

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