GenoProof Mixture is your solution for the analysis of complex DNA mixtures. The software supports your complete analysis workflow. Tools for DNA fragment analysis and biostatical evaluation of stains with established and new methods are integrated to help you succeed. Complete the analysis and summarize your results with the integrated report templates.

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The brand new GenoProof Mixture 5

The 5th edition of GenoProof Mixture combines the focus on user requirements with innovative software development. As an expert software, GenoProof Mixture fits perfectly into your lab routine in forensic stain analysis. With standardized exchange formats, the software enables further processing of data. Short calculations accelerate your analytic workflow.

New features - even more possibilities

  • Working in parallel with batch mode     

  • Presentation of the percentual shares of the mixture components   

  • if necessary, automatic extension of the iteration phase   

  • More data in included report templates and the LR-report 

  • New possibilities to determine drop-in parameters 

  • Consideration of multiple pre- and post-stutter in the LR-calculation 

You can find a detailed overview of the new and proven functionalities in our product flyer. And you are welcome to contact us directly. We would be happy to support you!

In addition, a needs-based training program enables a quick introduction to DNA analysis with GenoProof Mixture 5.

Probalistic Genotyping

To support evaluation of complex and low template DNA mixtures, the fully continuous model for LR-calculations has been introduced to GenoProof Mixture. In this model, algorithms simulate the peak heights of the DNA profile.

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Evaluation and visualization of STR-analysis

GenoProof Mixture uses the new EasyRead technology for evaluation of STR analysis data. This technology enables fast, robust and high-throughput evaluation of your sequencer data (fsa/hid)

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Test GenoProof Mixture 5 free of charge!

Current Version: 5.1.8

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Our needs-based training program enables a quick introduction to DNA analysis with GenoProof Mixture 5. 

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