10/26/2018 | Software release: GenoProof Mixture 3.1 is now available

Product information

GenoProof Mixture 3.1: Faster and providing even more features

Following a successful test phase and the final polish, GenoProof Mixture 3.1 is now available. The latest version of the newest innovation of probabilistic software offers a wealth of added features, further simplifying the analysis of forensic dna mixtures.

With GenoProof Mixture 3.1, users benefit from the following advantages:

  • improved algorithm and faster analysis
  • integration of an extended model for pre- and post-stutter peaks in LRfc calculations
  • simplified export of results
  • integrated report functionality
  • calculation of LRs for mixtures when a contribution from a genetic relative of a suspect is proposed
  • component-wise deconvolution of genotypes with the fully continuous model
  • simplified import of reference data (bin/ panel-Files, population data, STRidER 2.0)
  • audit trail to monitor changes

For more information on version 3.1, please visit the GenoProof Mixture website and get a free insight into the software by registering for a  60-day trial version. Furthermore, we now offer training for your laboratory staff on the use of the software and especially for the LR calculation with the fully continuous model.

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