Security for Parentage Issues, Food and Crime Detection

The Stamp on Eggs
Every other paternity test in Germany is conducted with GenoProof.
Open Paternity Questions: Me, You or Him?
All eggs traded in Germany are passing the database system Qualitrail.
Where does my Breakfast Egg come from?
The genealogy of Pharaoh Nefertiti got resolved with help of GenoProof.
Family Trees of Pharaohs in New Order

Above all we Sell Security

Qualitype GmbH is focused on the areas forensics, food and clinic. As a bioinformatics company we develop software concepts since 2001 contributing safety and efficiency in data management in forensic examinations, in public health and food safety.
Since our products analyze and manage sensible data, results must be accurate and should not fall into wrong hands. That is what we guarantee.

Our References

Today our applications and services are successfully used by customers and users in over 25 countries. More information about our satisfied customers please find in the section References.


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